We're just a bunch of friends who have been fortunate enough to get access to this gear and we wanted to build a fun way for anyone to have a chance to get some of our stuff. This is an experiment. If people love Off Chance we will be giving away wayyyy more stuff while expanding the variety to include more of your favorite brands.
Yes. We never purchase or acquire merchandise from second-hand sources or websites. All merchandise is guaranteed authentic. We will pay double the resale value of the item won if it’s found to be inauthentic.
You will receive one entry for every raffle you have selected to be notified for. You can gain an additional entry, up to three in total, when you refer your friends via Instagram. You will be notified via email as the raffle becomes active so that you have time to register to confirm your participation with your entries. All raffles are free to enter.
We will contact you once the raffle has concluded. We will need your mailing address and coordinate shipping details with you for immediate delivery.
You must be at least 13 years of age to enter and be in a qualified country to participate. Please refer to our terms for details www.offchance.com/terms
Currently, you may enter once and earn up to three additional entries per raffle by tagging your friends on the raffles Instagram post.
Raffles will happen roughly once a week. We also have flash raffles that happen randomly with as little as an hour to two of notice so stay tuned in because you won’t want to miss them. You will receive an email prior to any flash raffles.
By selecting to be notified for a raffle you will earn one entry. However, you will have to register that entry during the 'Live' period, 10 minutes before the raffle begin.
You may select one of the sizes available in stock. If you win, feel free to trade with a friend, list on StockX or similar sites to acquire your preferred size.
We don't offer returns on prizes won, sorry.
Worldwide. We will cover all shipping costs.
We've been purchasing or receiving gifted merchandise over the last 10 years directly from brands.
We don't make money but don't worry, we are working on ways to monetize the business. Monetization will never include selling your personal information.